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Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation

CREDO is the acronym for the Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation, a Chief of Navy Chaplains sponsored relationship enrichment program established in 1971, helping improve job performance and enhancing overall quality of life for active-duty service members and their families. There are 11 CREDO locations worldwide.


2014 Holy Week Service Schedule

Protestant Mainside
Protestant Chapel

20 April:  Easter Sunday Services
               Communion Service 0830
               Contemporary Service 1030
Tarawa Terrace Chapel
20 April:   Easter Sunday Worship Service 1030
Camp Johnson Chapel
18 April: Agape Communion Service 1830
20 April: Easter Sunday Worship Service 1000
Camp Geiger Chapel
20 April: Easter Sunrise Service 0600
MCAS New River Memorial Chapel
20 April:  Easter Sunday Services 1100

Eastern Orthodox
Camp Johnson Chapel
15 April: The Matins of Holy Wednesday 1900
16 April: The Sacrament of Holy Unction  1900
17 April: the 12 Gospel Readings  1900
18 April:  Descent from the Cross Matins/Lamentations 1500
19 April: Holy Saturday, Divine Liturgy of St. Basil 1000
              Holy Saturday, Resurrectional Service  2100
20 April: Great and Holy Pascha Liturgy @ BOQ Agape meal to follow 1300

Latter Day Saints
Camp Geiger Chapel

20 April: Easter Sunday Service  0600

Roman Catholic
St.Francis Xavier

Daily Mass: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday @ 1145
Fridays of Lent: Stations of the Cross, followed by a Lenten Supper 1800
17 April:  Holy Thursday Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper  1800
18 April:  Good Friday Celebration of the Lord’s Passion 1500
19 April:  Easter Vigil 1800
20 April:  Easter Sunday Mass 0800 & 1100
MCAS New River Memorial Chapel
17 April: Holy Thursday Mass 1800
18 April: Good Friday Service  1500
19 April: Holy Saturday Vigil Mass 2000
20 April:  Easter Sunday Mass 0900
*20 April: Easter Sunrise Service, 2MLG Amphitheater, 0630
* Please contact MCB Chaplains’ Office at 451-3210 if you have any questions.

General CREDO Information

About Us

CREDO provides an assortment of opportunities to sea service personnel and their families. CREDO’s goal is to help enrich and strengthen individual’s resiliency skills. Join the many who have reaped significant benefits from attending a CREDO retreat.

CREDO provides a FREE weekend away within a positive, safe, and supportive environment to:

  • Receive a greater understanding yourself and life

  • Increase trust and self confidence in self and others

  • Strengthen relationships
  • Strengthen marriages

  • Learn to handle anger more constructively
  • Improve communication skills
  • Establish new friendships
  • Have fun
  • Relax


When Are Programs Held?
CREDO programs are traditionally 48 hours in length held on Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. All the programs are free to those who attend. All events require advance registration, and space is limited. For more information, please call 910-449-8292.

Who Can Attend A CREDO Program?
Active duty, Retired and Reserve Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard personnel, DoD civilian employees, as well as family members with appropriate ID cards.


“Oh my goodness, C.R.E.D.O. saved my marriage. It was sooo unbelievable how this program aims at finding those feelings that are buried deep within all of us (humans). I encourage every married couple to attend whether to reconnect or for understanding each other.”

- Happy CREDO Customer


Read more testimonials from people who have experienced CREDOs offerings:

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Contact Us

Contact Info


Bldg 67 (Second Deck) | 910-449-8292


 Mon - Fri 0730-1530


CREDO Programs

Unit Team Building Workshops

Unit Team Building (UTB) Workshops provide Mentors an introduction to the leadership values of different personality types through DISC training curriculum, inter-personal skills and identified leadership styles.

The impact of this training allows Mentors to identify and consider their leadership style and the inter-personal skill required to maximize results in the Mentor/Mentee relationship as well as to enhance their overall leadership ability as the NCO. The partnership between the individual unit and CREDO provides a coordinated and funded program of instruction that has positive impact on NCO leadership development at no cost to the unit. Since the program has been utilized at 2d Maintenance Battalion, over 200 NCOs have successfully trained through the UTB Workshop model.


PAIRS Essentials Marriage Weekend

Utilizing the PAIRS Foundation curriculum, the PAIRS Essentials nine--hour marriage based training is delivered over an intensive weekend, and introduces essential skills for enhanced communication, self-worth, empathy, emotional expression, and healthy conflict resolution on behalf of lasting breakthroughs in relationship satisfaction. Couples will have an opportunity to put the training into action over the weekend.


Warrior Resiliency (Personal Resiliency Retreat)

Ever ask “Why am I so angry?”, or “Why do I not completely fit in?”, or “Why am I doing the same thing over and over?” The Personal Growth Experience offers individuals an opportunity to reflect upon their life – where they’ve been, where they are and where they are heading. This reflection can have an impact upon self-awareness allowing the process of change to occur and allowing positive life changing decisions to occur. This 48 hour event uses various multi-media clips and small group discussion to help facilitate a deeper understanding of self and interaction with others.


Family Resiliency Weekend

This relationship enriching event for the family is designed to assist couples in fostering a positive parenting mind-set. Participants on the retreat will find a wealth of practical ideas and tips on parenting issues and practices. Key parenting principles will be discussed along with suggestions on how to balance time between work and home. This retreat is for the whole family. Children must be ages 5 and older in order to attend, due to nature of the retreat experience.


Middle School Weekend

Specifically designed for youth (ages 8-12) as an opportunity to get away, make new friends and enjoy the atmosphere of a mini-camp. The retreat experience is spiritual in nature. Teens will learn about Christian principles associated with living a successful and godly life.


One-Day Relationship Enrichment Events

CREDO Camp Lejeune offers Combat Ready Forces several one-day retreat experiences to enhance war fighter readiness by increasing their family readiness potential. These one day program are most often sponsored by specific units but open registration is allowed. Call (910) 449-8292 for more information.