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Group Exercise Schedule (effective March 31, 2014)




Free Pregnancy Exercise Program

Group Exercise Classes are open to all: Active Duty, retired, reservists on Active Duty, dependents, MCCS employees, and Department of Defense employees. Proper identification required. Guests are not permitted to participate in these classes.

Semper Fit wishes to make Group Exercise classes accessible to people of all abilities who wish to participate. If we can provide reasonable accommodation to enable you to fully participate in any of our classes, please contact the Group Exercise Coordinator at 910-451-0824.

Schedule effective March 31, 2014. Classes are first come, first served. Classes are subject to change without notice. FREE to all authorized ID cardholders unless otherwise stated on schedule.


Click here for a printable schedule.



Point of Contact

Group Exercise Coordinator


Area 2 Indoor Pool • 910-451-2024
0900-1000 AMP-IT
(shallow water)
(deep water)
1130-1230 H.I.T.T.
(deep water)
(shallow water)
(deep water)
(shallow water)
Area 3 gym
1100-1120   Hard Core   Hard Core    
1130-1230   TRX/RIP   Strike!    
Camp Johnson Indoor Pool • 910-450-0768
1900-1950   AMP-IT
(shallow water)
(deep water)
Courthouse Bay Fitness Center • 910-440-7447
Power Yoga    
French Creek Fitness Center • 910-451-5430
1130-1230   Cycle        
H.I.T.T. Center • 910-451-0122
1100-1125 Hard Core   Hard Core   Hard Core  
1130-1225 H.I.T.T.   H.I.T.T.   H.I.T.T.  
1700-1800   Functional Fundamentals      
*** The Semper Fit Mobile Unit is available for unit PT every day from 0500-1000 and 1300-1600. For more info call 910-451-0826.
Morgan Bay Fitness Center • 910-451-1676 sEASONAL CLASSES (End 17 Oct 2014)
Strength & Stamina   Interval/Circuit Training    
Stone Bay Fitness Center • 910-440-2055
1130-1230 Soul Cycle        
Tarawa Terrace fitness Center • 910-450-1681
0800-0900 Stretch & Recovery Semper Seniors Stretch & Recovery Semper Seniors Power Yoga  
0910-1010 Total Athletic Conditioning (TAC) Zumba® C²: CycleCircuit Step
0930-1030         Tabata Power Hour 1st & 3rd Sat: Step
2nd, 4th & 5th Sat:
1020-1120 Pregnancy Exercise Class* Yoga Pregnancy Exercise Class* Zumba®    
1045-1145           Stretch & Recovery
1130-1230 Cycle Total Athletic Conditioning (TAC) Power Yoga Body Blast Zumba®  
1530-1630       Pregnancy Exercise Class*  
1700-1800   Build & Bike        
1730-1825 Step Step      
1830-1930 Zumba®   Zumba®      
*The Pregnancy Exercise Class is sponsored through Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune and is not affiliated with Semper Fit. Schedule is subject to change without notice. For more information, please call Naval Hospital Health Promotion & Wellness at 910-451-3712.
Wallace Creek Fitness Center • 910-451-0824
Mind & Body Studio - Room 134
0900-1000 Power Yoga   PiYo™   Pilates  
1030-1130     Pilates     Stretch & Recovery
1100-1200   Barre   Strength & Mobility    
1130-1230         Barre  
1630-1730 Restorative Yoga   Barre    
1700-1800   Power Yoga Mat Pilates    
Studio 1 - Room 133 A & B
0530-0630   Strength & Stamina   Strength & Stamina    
0930-1030     Bottom Line Strike! Kettle Bell  
1115-1215 Tabata Power Hour Kettlebell Total Athletic Conditioning (TAC) Zumba® Strength & Stamina  
1715-1815 Strength & Stamina   Strength & Stamina      
Studio 2 - Room 132 A & B
0600-0700 Tabata Power Hour   Kettlebells   Shock-n-Ahh!  
0930-1030 Zumba® Strength & Stamina   Step Zumba®  
1130-1230 Strike!   Zumba® Tabata Power Hour Total Athletic Conditioning (TAC)  
1830-1930 Zumba® Zumba® Dance Fitness Zumba®    
Spin Studio - Room 130
0545-0645 Zero Dark Cycle Zero Dark Cycle Zero Dark Cycle Zero Dark Cycle    
0900-1030           Ride & Run
1130-1230 Cycle Cycle Cycle Cycle Cycle  
1630-1730 Cycle Cycle    
1730-1830     Soul Cycle    
Group Exercise Classes are Open to all: Active Duty, Retired, Reservists on Active Duty, Dependents, MCCS Employees, and Department of Defense Employees. Proper identification required. Guests are not permitted to participate in these classes.

Semper Fit Group Exercise Class Descriptions

Unless otherwise noted, all necessary equipment is provided.


AMP-IT (shallow and deep) – Invigorate and improve cardiovascular conditioning, total body strength, and endurance using the buoyancy and resistance of the water to give you a safe and fun aquatic workout.



Aqua Athlete – Invigorate and improve cardiovascular conditioning, total body strength, and endurance using the buoyancy and resistance of the water to give you a safe and fun aquatic workout.



Aqua Fit – Improve your overall fitness without the impact of land-based classes in this full-body shallow-water pool workout.



Ballet/Pilates Fusion – This class incorporates fundamentals of both disciplines, with specific exercises and movements to tone, strengthen, and stretch the entire body using a combination of dance and mat work.



Barre – This class is a cardiovascular Pilates class that includes ballet moves to improve strength, balance and flexibility. This class is ideal for any athlete to enhance performance.



Body Blast – This class is a total body toning and sculpting class. Be prepared to use all types of weights, kettle bells or bands. This class will improve muscle endurance and strength.


Boot Camp – This class is a high intensity total body workout, designed to take you outside of your comfort zone to target your metabolic fat burning zone. The moves in this class will include cardio, strength and endurance. Exercises include plyometrics, body weight movements, boxing drills, and the use of kettle bells, weights.


BOSU® Blast – Using the BOSU® balance trainer (a cross between a core board and a stability ball), you’ll do a combo of cardio and strength drills plus non-stop core work for a head-to-toe challenge that will improve stability, balance and muscle endurance. The exercises include standing, jumping, upper body ploymetrics and basic step moves.


Bottom Line – Strengthen and tone your muscles below the belt in this lower-body workout with floor work, squats, lunges, kicks, and the use of weights and bands.


Build & Bike – A cycle class that includes strength exercises on and off the bike, for a total body workout to help improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance..


C2:CycleCircuit – Maximize your results with a combination of indoor cycling and strength drills for a total body circuit-style workout.



Cardio Blast – Strengthen your heart and lungs as you torch calories with high- and low-impact athletic drills. A cardiovascular workout to improve speed and endurance, this class will include speeds drills, plyometrics and plenty of burpees to improve your fitness level.


Cardio Kickbox – Jab, cross, hook, and kick your way to total fitness! An intense combination of aerobics, boxing, and martial arts. Gloves are not required.


Combat Cardio – Meet the rigorous demands of being a Marine – or just train like one! – with a mix of combat conditioning, cardio kickboxing, bags, SAQ drills, body weight training, circuits, intervals, and much more.



Cycle (60 and 90 minute classes) Bring the outdoor cycling experience indoors! Rockin’ music and motivating instruction will inspire you through a variety of hills, jumps, and sprints for an outstanding cardio workout, guaranteed to make you sweat! Our 90 Minute Cycle class is a true endurance ride!


Cycle & Body Blast:  Get the best of both worlds with this half cycle, half strength class. In addition to some intense periods of cycling, you’ll do plyometrics, lunges and weight exercises off the bike.


Dance Fitness:  A fun and effective fitness class that feels more like a night out dancing than a workout at the gym. Party yourself into shape with dance moves inspired by Hip Hop music that will get your heart rate up and tone your body!


Extreme Cycle – Get your cardio in before the sun comes up! This indoor cycling class with timed drills, cadence work and interval training will have you riding flats, hills, sprints and jumps. Great for outdoor riders off season to work on climbing skills and speed and recovery. All levels welcome and make sure to bring water (first timers arrive early to have the instructor set up your bike).


Functional Fundamentals – It’s time to shift the focus of your workout routine from quantity to quality of movement! This class blends safe, correct and efficient movement with high-intensity Workouts of the Day (WOD), core strength exercises, joint mobilization and flexibility drills.



Gentle Yoga – Improve your flexibility, balance, strength, and posture in this gentle, restorative yoga class. With an emphasis on stretching and relaxation, you’ll leave class refreshed and rejuvenated!


Hard Core – This high intensity, extreme core class will work your abs and lower back to improve core strength. Come and find out how building a strong core can improve every aspect of your training!



Hard Corps – The ultimate abdominal workout! Strengthen your core with an intense, non-stop 25 minute workout of basic and advanced exercises.


H.I.T.T. – Battling ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls, chains, tires, plyo boxes, and more are all used in a variety of interval and circuit classes to bring you functional High Intensity Tactical Training at its best!



HITT (deep water) – High intensity deep water training geared to help you perform better: run faster and longer, increase blood flow and cardiovascular endurance as well as improve physical endurance. This class will also allow an injured person to work at high intensities with less impact on the body. Exercises include but are not limited to: running water drills, relays, conditioning drills, treading water, core & stretching.



In-Line Step – When one step is not enough! Choreographed step patterns will challenge your body and mind as you execute moves while moving down a row of step benches. This class incorporates basic traditional step moves in a different class format that will include, interval drills, sprints and ploymetrics.



Jump School – A plyometric class full of athletic drills that are timed for continuous fat burning, body improving, intense workout!


Karaoke Cycle – Belt out some tunes as you ride along to some of your favorite songs! Your vocal cords and your body are in for quite a workout!


Kettlebells – Learn how to use momentum to your advantage in this challenging class. The unique kettlebell shape is designed to improve power, endurance, speed, coordination, and dynamic flexibility while maximizing performance in all movement-oriented activities.


Mat Pilates – Pilates is a system of controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the total body, designed to strengthen and improve flexibility and posture, as well as reduce stress. These exercises will create long, lean muscles without bulking up. Pilates takes a balanced approach so that no muscle group is overworked and the body moves as an efficient system.


Mommy & Me Yoga – Here’s a fitness class just for Mom and Tot! You’ll bond and relax together while improving flexibility, coordination, body awareness, and social skills. Class is taught by a certified yoga instructor. Parent participation is required for this class. Please bring your own yoga mat.



Pilates – Create body awareness and increase core muscle strength and flexibility, as well as correct posture, with this full-body workout appropriate for all levels of fitness.



Pilates Toning – Create body awareness and increase core muscle strength and flexibility, as well as correct posture, with this full-body workout appropriate for all fitness levels.


PiYo Strength® – Yoga rebels wanted! If you want to get strong but don't want to sit still, this rhythmic, dynamic, total-body workout is for you! Burn serious calories while you build stability, strength, and flexibility.


Power Plyo – Ready, set, jump! Incinerate fat andincrease muscular power and explosiveness using controlled impact and maximum power. This total body plyometric class will take your body to the next level of fitness. Get ready to get shredded with jumps, timed drills and “insane” (hint, hint!) body weight movements.


Power Yoga – Improve strength, flexibility, balance, and tranquility with this vigorous Power Yoga class that combines breathing with static and dynamic postures.


Pregnancy Exercise Class – Prenatal and postnatal (up to 6 months) are encouraged to attend this class designed specifically for Mom! This class is sponsored through Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune and is not affiliated with Semper Fit. Schedule is subject to change without notice. For more information, please call Naval Hospital Health Promotion & Wellness at 451-3712.



Restorative Yoga - Designed to help promote flexibility, with basic yoga poses that will help with an athletic recovery. This class is perfect for patrons just beginning their practice in yoga.



Ride & Run - A 90 minute class that is 60 minutes in the cycle room and 30 minutes of running drills to improve your cardiovascular endurance and speed.


Schwinn® Zone:  An indoor cycling workout to enhance cardiovascular health, regardless of age or ability level. The various intensity levels will help you improve your speed, stamina, and strength while burning calories.



Semper Seniors – Improve your strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, and balance in an easy-to-follow format. Get ready for a head-to-toe workout!



Semper Stretch – Increase your flexibility with this gentle stretch class that incorporates traditional stretches along with yoga and Pilates.



Shock-n-ahh! –25 minutes of high intensity training drills such as burpees, ploymetrics and agility drills and then the “Ahh” is the 25 minutes of stretching.



Soul Cycle – This is a full-body cycling experience that incorporates weights into a 60-minute, heart-pumping ride set to motivating music! This challenging class will torch calories, help with cardiovascular endurance and tone the upper and lower body.


Speed/Agility – A track-based class involving circuits and sprint drills to improve your pace, agility and stamina.



Step – Step is better than ever with fresh choreography and high energy moves! Variations in direction, intensity, and rhythm will keep you moving to the beat as you sweat and step!


Strength & Stamina – A class designed to take you to your next level of fitness. This class will challenge your entire body to get stronger and to last longer in no matter what sport you are training to succeed in. This class can include kettlebells, steps, drills, ploymetics, sprints and weights. Basically anything we can think of to make you a better athlete!


Stretch & Mobility – If you are looking to improve your run times, weight lifting technique, flexibility & mobility during sports, this class is for you. Stretch & Mobility focuses on joint mobility to enhance squats, pull-ups, lunges and prevent overuse injuries. Yoga, foam rollers, straps and TRX’s are used in this class.

Stretch & Recovery – Increase your flexibility and ease sore muscles with this gentle stretch class that incorporates traditional stretches along with yoga and Pilates.


Strictly Strength – Increase your strength and build muscle while you tighten and tone your entire body with dumb bells and bar bells. This class will help increase your metabolism to keep you in your fat burning zone.


Strike! – A Box & Burn type class that consists of kickboxing combo's, athletic drills and toning exercises to get the most of your hour.


Tabata Power – This class consists of 30 minutes of strength training using kettlebells, weights, medicine balls and body weight resistance immediately followed by 30 minutes of Tabata training. The Tabata portion of the workout includes an interval training cycle of 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated without pause for eight rounds for each exercise for a total of four minutes! Multiply all that by six different exercises that target the major muscle groups and you have a workout that guarantees results! Tabata interval training can do more to boost aerobic and anaerobic capacity than an hour of endurance exercise. Serious FAT BURNING found here!



The Limit – This class will give you a total body workout using bodyweight exercises and plyometrics to improve speed, stamina, strength and endurance.



Total Athletic Conditioning (TAC) – Torch calories with this challenging cardiovascular conditioning class. It’s filled with loads of sports drills and strength moves designed to give you results!


TRX/RIP – A class that includes the use of the TRX and the RIP Stick. This class will improve your strength, functional fitness and balance.


TRX Circuit – Structured suspension training to improve strength and endurance, while improving your core with every exercise. This class will use the TRX system as well as kettle bells, weighted balls and ropes to incorporate a total body workout combined with interval circuit training.



Yoga – Build core strength, power and flexibility in a Vinyasa-style yoga class focused on functional movement.



Yogilates – This blend of yoga and Pilates, which includes both floor and standing work and integrates Pilates methodology into the practice of yoga, will help to bring greater awareness and develop balance and flexibility in your bod


Zero Dark Cycle – This is our early morning cycle class to cater to the early morning risers and Active Duty Units.  

Zumba® – Ditch the workout and join the party! Zumba® fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away! Class is taught by a licensed Zumba® instructor.