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Welcome to Coastal
North Carolina!

Julie Fulton - School Liaison

School Liaison Officers
LCH  4012 – Midway Park
(Corner of 3rd and Butler)
Camp Lejeune, NC
(910) 449-9915 and
(910) 449-9749

Find the Camp Lejeune School Liaison on Facebook

Hi, we are the K12 School Liaisons representing all students associated with Camp Lejeune, whether they attend school on base or off, in public or private schools, or even in homeschools.  

If you are moving to the area, we would love to assist you with information and resources related to K-12 education.  Please keep in mind that ONLY base residents are allowed to attend the DoDEA schools aboard the base (there is a waiver if you are on the housing waiting list and within 90 school days of occupying quarters). 

North Carolina public schools as well as the base DoDEA schools have recently adopted the Common Core State Standards Curriculum. The schools will be moving to this new set of standards that will make it easier for transitioning students to be able to have a consistent set of standards even when moving from state to state.  If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s educational experience, please feel free to contact us for support, information, or referral.  We love working with our military families and look forward to assisting you.  Welcome to NC!


To eliminate barriers and build bridges for the academic success of military dependent children through networks and partnerships with our local and global communities.


A community in which military and civilian partners work hand in hand to successfully educate and advocate for the military child.


  • Understand and identify barriers to quality education for military dependent children in this area and develop solutions.
  • Seek to promote and educate the command, parents, our Easten NC community, and schools about the unique needs of military children.
  • Make connections to partners who can provide support and assistance for military families and their educational needs.
  • Communicate information to allow families to effectively advocate for their children in the educational setting.

Base Superintendent’s Attendance Letter

Interstate Compact
on Educational Opportunity
for Military Children

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Family Resource Guide

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EFMP Special Education Collaborative

eKnowledge Military Donation Project

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PCS Guide for Kids

FREE Foreign Language Online

Free Foreign Language Online for Kids and Adults. has lessons in 60 Languages in an easy, fun format. Check with the base library for registration information.

eKnowledge & MLB Players Hit a Grand Slam with SAT & ACT Test Prep

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